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RMSG Facilities
Nordika N8 – B
  • Building Size 86,415 sq. ft.
  • Vacancy Area 86,415 sq. ft.
  • Clear Height 36'
Nordika N8 – A
  • Building Size 125,261 sq. ft.
  • Vacancy Area 125,261 sq. ft.
  • Clear Height 36'
Multitenant I
  • Building Size 134,970 sq. ft.
  • Vacancy Area 134,970 sq. ft.
  • Office Spaces 4,553 sq. ft. in two Floors
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Why Lease Industrial Facilities in Mexico

One Of The Largest Populations

Mexico is the eleventh country in the world with the biggest population, 124 million habitants.
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Open To Foreign Investment

A Country open to foreign investment: Mexico works with a network of 32 agreements of promotion and protection of investment.
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Global Export Platform

Mexico’s export platform is conformed by:
12 TLC: With 46 countries
6 ACEs
CPTPP: 6 new markets
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One Of The Leading Exporters Of The World

Among the main exporters of the world: Mexico holds the 13 th place with 409 billion dollars
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Many Exported Products

The 12 main products exported by Mexico:
1. Lightweight automobiles
2. Parts and accessories for vehicles
3. Vehicles of transportation
4. Computers and parts
5. Crude oil
6. Telephones and parts
7. TVs
8. Electrical conductors
9. Medical equipment
10. Tractors
11. Seats
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Professional team at your service

Leticia Ortega
Chief Financial Officer
Pablo Culebro
Alejandra Mejia
Chief Operating Officer

Hot Offers

  • Building Size 104,570 sq. ft.
  • Vacancy Area 104,570 sq. ft.
  • Clear Height 28' (8.53m)

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