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Real estate investment trust

A real estate mutual fund, allowed by income tax laws to avoid the corporate income tax. It sells shares of ownership and must invest in real estate or mortgages.

Triple-net lease

One in which the tenant is to pay all operating expenses of the property, the landlord receives a net rent.


An arrangement whereby property is transferred to a trusted third party (trustee) by a grantor (trustor). The trustee holds the property for the benefit of another (beneficiary).

Trust account

Una cuenta bancaria separada y segregada de los fondos propios de un corredor, en la cual la ley estatal exige que el corredor deposite todo lo que se recaude de los clientes.

Build to suit

An arrangement whereby a landowner offers to pay to construct on his or her land a building specified by a potential tenant, and then to lease land and building to the tenant.

Common area maintenance (CAM)

mounts charged to tenants for expenses to maintain hallways, restrooms, parking lots, and other common areas.

What is a “Fibra”? (Real Estate Trust)

‘Las fibras’ are vehicles destined for financing or for acquisitions or construction of properties that are built for leasing or acquisition of said lease.

For the investor it offers periodical payments and at the same time having the possibility of offering capital gains.

The objectives of a ‘Fibra’ are to boost real estate development in Mexico, to be a source of liquidity for developers, that permits the investment in real estate to every type of investor, contribute to the diversification of investment portfolios, by providing an alternative of investment in a regulated market, and boost the financing for different commercial and industrial segments.

What are CKD’s?

The Mexican stock Exchange, in spanish La Bolsa Mexicana, created the market of capital development as a new segment of capital listings, in which they will be placed the certificates of capital development, in spanish Certificados de Capital de Desarrollo or CKD´s. Through these new instruments, the Mexican stock Market will boost infrastructural projects of any nature, private capital or business.

The CKDs are securities that emit trusts, that will support the canalization of investment resources to growing sectors and activities and will support flexibility and new diversification alternatives for investors’ portfolios in our country.

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